Some weekend action

Published on September 27th, 2008

Let’s take a look at what sporting events we have on offer this weekend.


First off all we have plenty of football (soccer) action in all the Major European Football Leagues.

From England we have some very interesting matches, starting with the Liverpool derby between Everton and Liverpool.Manchester face Bolton at home, Chelsea play away at newly promoted Stoke and Arsenal will face Hull.On Sunday we have Portsmouth vs Tottenham and Wigam vs Manchester City.

In Spain we have yet another derby, this time in Barcelona where Espanyon will play FC Barcelona.Real Madrid will play away at Betis, while first place holders, Valencia, play at home against Dep. la Coruna.

Believe it or not, in Italy , Serie A, we have another derby, Inter vs Milan.Interesting to see if Milan will be able to extend their winning series to 3 matches, or will it be Inter who will manage to make 4 wins in a row.


Some nice tennis matches are available this weekend.The China Open finals, for both men and women whould be interesting, while the Thailand Open and the Korean Open bring us another two finals to bet on.

American Football

And if that isn’t enough we still got some NFL matches that should bring some money into our pockets.

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