Big four fail to win again, looking toward the year-end matches

Published on December 15th, 2008

It’s the second time in a very short period in which the big four ( Man. Utd., Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal) fail in getting a win.

Maybe the most disadvantaged team from the four, would have to be Chelsea, as they played at home against a team was is clearly inferior.But that’s way sports are great because at any time, any contender has a chance.

But weather we like ot or not, top teams do have bad and good periods. The main difference between a top team and a mediocre one is the period of those bad periods. For example let’s look at Spurs.Before the start of the season they promised a lot only after a few bad results ( entering the bad period ) they managed only to continue the bad period instead of bouncing back on track right away. Now let’s take a look at the way Manchester Untied started the 07/08 season.Only 2 pct in the first 3 matches. And one of the matches was with Man City, but after the 3 games they managed to get the win that would set them on the right track and win the championship at the end.

If we now take a closer look at the cause of these bad periods, we see some reasons for the results. The most common is the absence of crucial players (due to injury or other reasons).The second most common problem is fatigue.The players are simply to tired and cannot play at 100%.Most of the top teams have to play both in national event and in the international ones (Champions League and UEFA Cup).

I see it like this. If any of the top teams do not have any crucial players missing and the team is not affected by any sort of fatigue, they do look like a sure winner. That is why most of the times, the boxing day and the matches near the new year’s day, bring important points for the big four.

As a conclusion, i have to say that i am looking forward to the premier league matches of the end of the year in which the big four are included. Especially the one of Chelsea and Man Utd.

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